3 Aug 2020

Early Learning Matters

More than 140 Lifelong Learning Centres across the country will recognise Early Learning Matters Week, an initiative aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the importance of early learning. 

Research continues to provide evidence that the education a child receives in their first five years is undoubtedly the most important education they will receive. 


Dr Lesley Jones, Senior Advisor Pedagogy and Practice at Lifelong Learning Centres explained that children who have access to high quality early education are well set up for future academic and social success in primary school and beyond. Research tells us that those children who start school ahead, tend to stay in front. 

“We are proud that our Lifelong Learning Centres offer age-specific learning programs that nurture children’s natural desire to play, but also learn and explore”, said Dr Jones. 

“Our experienced educators understand how critical those early years are, and it is our role to foster curiosity and discovery; as well as social skills and an understanding of the world around them.” 

“Our educators and teachers are skilled in teaching children foundational social and academic skills, encouraging them to stretch their thinking.  

“We do not just provide child care; we provide life-changing early education.” 




Affinity Education Group CEO, Tim Hickey agreed with Dr Jones, adding, “Early Learning Matters Week is a necessary reminder to the community of the importance and contribution high quality early education makes to our future generations.” 

“We are also very proud to acknowledge our passionate and dedicated educators who inspire little minds.” 


Learn more about the Lifelong Learning Centres community, and our play-based, child-led learning approach.   

Search online or call 1800 CHILD CARE to find a centre near you. 



15 Feb 2021

Lifelong Learning Centres Celebrate Lunar New Year & The Year Of The Ox!

At all Lifelong Learning Centres, we encourage the exploration and involvement in cultural celebrations from all around the world. 
3 Dec 2020

Questions to ask on your family centre tour

When touring childcare centres for the first time it can be overwhelming. 

As the saying goes, ‘first impressions’ count, but taking the time to ask deeper questions and really find out what your early education and childcare centre has to offer you and your child will always be time well spent. 

30 Nov 2020

Join us for our fun annual Summer Program

The year is coming to an end – but the fun and learning is not! Nationally, Lifelong Learning Centres will be launching their annual Summer Program in 148 centres.